Wide Brush Sander

Product introduction

1) This equipment has automatic feeding system, PLC program memory one key control system and multi-unit sanding head flexibility.Combination, good processing softness, high automatically, can be linked with automatic pipeline, high production efficiency.

2) Wide range of processing, suitable for all kinds of planar, special-shaped surface, curved surface and other board white body, paint can be sand.Light polishing, such as wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, children's beds, floors, bathrooms, etc.

3) MSC is a heavy automatic adjustment function and MSA is economical type, devided into 1000mm and 1300 mm processing width, A is horizontal sanding, P It is a disc, C is a big roller sand, Q1 is a vacuum cleaner.

Discussion About Wide Brush Sander Machine

If you need to sand large pieces of wood, you should use a wide belt sander. This type of sander uses a sweeping motion to sand a large area. Because of the wide abrasive belt, it is important to raise the table up to a height a bit less than the thickness of the wood you are sanding. The abrasive belt will sand the piece as it passes through the machine.


Wide brush sanders are available with variable grits. The grit level should be adjusted to create the desired finish. This machine can sand both hard and soft materials. Some woods have hard and soft spots, so you need to sand these areas separately. Choose a brush sander with a finer sandpaper for a smoother finish. If you are sanding furniture, you should use a sander with a high grit setting.


Another good feature of wide brush sanders is that they come with various configurations. A wide belt sander can be used for many applications and can handle different grits. The finer the sandpaper, the shinier the finished product will be. You can also use the wide belt sander for wood materials. A wide belt sander can handle soft and hard materials. The softness of wood may affect the finish, and the coarse grit sandpaper will result in a softer finish.


There are wide brush sander machines with two or four grits. You can choose a model that works best for your needs. The most versatile and cost-effective wide belt sander is the Viet S1 model. This machine is popular for its high precision and versatility. It offers a great deal of versatility. You can use it to sand wood, plastic, or other materials. In addition to hardwoods, a wide belt sander is also compatible with soft and hard materials.


A wide belt sander with a variety of brush heads is important for a variety of purposes. A high-quality model will be able to handle different types of materials and pass through large pieces of wood. If you're not sure which one is best for your needs, you can try a few of the models before settling for a particular one. A high-quality model will provide long-term performance and durability.





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