Sand Blasting Machine

Applicable products: wooden door, line, cabinet, wardrobe, dining chair, bathroom, craft carving, hollow out furniture, etc.

Process requirements: automatic sand blasting and polishing of primer.

Woodworking Sanding Machine For Wood Processing

If you're a woodwork processing factory you need a quality sanding machine. Before you buy one, you'll need to decide exactly what you'll use it for. You'll need to know what type of sander you'll need and what size it is. Most sanders are lightweight, so it's important to choose a machine that you can easily handle.


When choosing a sanding machine, look for features that provide maximum safety. You'll want a heavy-duty frame made of cast steel to prevent swaying. It should also have a speed control that controls the belt's rotational speed and feeding speed. You'll also want to check out the dust collection options. And as for the number of heads, you can choose between one head and two or three. You'll have a wide range of sanding options, from 400mm to 2200mm.


While buying a sanding machine, consider the features you need.For example, a belt with a slip ring will help you get the best surface. You can use a sanding machine with a bobbing spindle to get all the areas of your workpiece that you need sanded. You can also use one with two or three heads.


If you're looking to sand softwood, you can use a 180-grit sandpaper. You can use a 400-grit sandpaper for the final step in the finishing process. A sander with an air cylinder can be more powerful than a corded sander. For large-scale projects, a sander can be a great investment.


Kaiyuan’s woodworking sanding machine has an excellent performance in dealing with various hard tasks and wood processing. It will be the most efficient for the amount of work you'll need to complete. Besides,  there are several different types of sanders to choose from our product websites, But we believe our good edge sander machine for woodworking wholesale will be versatile and will do a variety of tasks for you.





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