Linear Sander

Use for sanding flooring, baseboard, moldings, door frame, window frame, stairs, shutter ect. (White embryo and paint)

Advantages of Linear Sander Machine In Woodworking

A linear sander machine is the perfect choice for woodworking projects, whether you need to finish molding, carvings, or profiles on cabinets. A linear sander features a sanding pad that goes back and forth, creating a scratch pattern that's similar to hand sanding. It also makes it easier to sand irregular shapes, like profiles. This machine is ideal for architectural woodworkers and other professionals who need to complete multiple tasks quickly.


A linear sander machine features a true linear sanding motion that accurately imitates hand sanding, and can power through detail sanding 3x faster than a hand sander. Unlike hand sanders, this machine has a linear motion that eliminates fatigue and sanding fatigue, and delivers more consistent results. Its step-less speed control means that you can adjust its speed to suit your specific job.


Compared to hand sanding, MMZ-S2W4 is much more efficient and consistent. The smoothness of its sanding action is reminiscent of hand sanding, and it powers through detail sanding up to three times faster than hand sanders, which eliminates the need for messy cleaning after the job.


An edge sander machine has many advantages. It can be used for sanding skirting wood, shutters, and other intricate surfaces. The integrated transportation structure, the cylinder load, and the Pressing device make it the perfect tool for any type of job. Another advantage of an Edge Sander machine is its ability to finish jobs 3x faster than hand sanding, which eliminates user fatigue and provides more consistent results. It also has a step-less speed control, which allows for application specific adjustments.


A linear sander machine is a versatile tool that can be used for both general and specialty sanding. With a lockable trigger, it allows you to focus on your sanding while avoiding the danger of user fatigue. Its stepless speed control provides precise control over the speed and gives you more flexibility. The linear sander is ideal for both residential and commercial sanding. It is perfect for detailing, as well as for finishing.


A linear sander machine allows for precise, fast, and efficient sanding. Its true linear sanding motion is 3x faster than hand sanding, which eliminates user fatigue and improves results. The stepless speed control gives you precise control over speed, which is important for the smooth sanding of different surfaces. Its stepless speed control gives you more flexibility in your sanding jobs.


Another useful linear sander machine is the MMD-W12. Its unique design makes it a versatile tool that can handle jobs you can't handle by hand. Its dual-duty sander and dust extractor provide dust-free sanding. The unit also has low vibration, which makes it easy to handle. The MMD-W12 is a great choice for detail sanding jobs.

High Performance of Linear Sanding Machine

When it comes to detail sanding, a linear sanding machine is the only tool you will ever need. Its true linear sanding motion simulates hand sanding to an exacting degree and powers through detail sanding 3x faster than a hand sander. Its step-less speed control is easy to use and adjust to any application. Its precision sanding action produces results three times as smooth as those achieved by hand sanding.


The MMT-S3W9 wood linear sander is an efficient sander for molding, hardwood flooring, and profiled pieces. This machine has two independent sanding hubs that can be independently controlled to ensure smooth sanding. It also features a digital touch-screen operation panel that allows you to adjust the sanding speed easily. This linear sanding machine has three speed settings and is suitable for mass production.


This sander is ideal for detail sanding. It features a linear motion and a variety of sanding pads to match various applications. The inverter can imitate curved, irregular, or inclined sides. Its variable speed range is easy to set, and it has a wide selection of sandpaper and pads to suit your needs. Its specialized heads allow you to sand multiple surfaces at once with ease.


 The sanding machine comes with specialized heads and a strip system for abrasive change which can also be cleaned and hygienic. Whether you're looking for a machine that's designed to perform different tasks, it has a feature for you.


Our linear sander machine is a high-speed sander and machines feature specialized heads and a strip system to ensure a precise sanding process. You can adjust the speed of it to match the needs of the project. In addition, This system allows you to adjust the speed of each wheel independently, which is useful for smoothing edges and creating a profile. By smoothing out an edge, you'll get a smoother and more attractive product. You can even use the sander to finish recessed edges. They can be used in manufacturing to make edge profiles on surfaces, and are perfect for small-scale projects and bulk production.

Choose The Suitable Linear Sanding Machine For Woodworking

Linear sander machines are indispensable machines for woodworking and professional woodworking in the industrial sector. Using these tools, trimming and leveling operations can be performed to make the wood smooth and uniform, not only to improve the uniformity of the surface, but also to prepare them by sizing and perfecting the shape of the wood. various types of wooden objects in the finishing stages.


All linear sanding machines use an operating mechanism that involves the use of an abrasive base, driven by a motor that spins, vibrates or moves on a belt. To obtain a flat and well polished wooden surface, different types of sanders are available, which will be chosen according to the work to be done and the type of result to be obtained.


There are different types of woodworking sanding machines on the market with features that make them suitable for specific manufacturing processes. Let's see what are the main models of sanders for professional use and which ones to choose for high-quality woodworking.


Wide Belt sander

Kaiyuan belt sanders for wood are the most widespread and common machines in the woodworking industry and are used for sanding and finishing operations to create end products such as furniture, doors and windows, tables and frames. "Belt sanding" refers to all manufacturing processes involving the use of continuous abrasive belts to remove chips.


This can be done using a small belt on a manual machine (such as a manual belt sander, used for the simplest and least demanding sanding operations, often also for DIY) or using from a belt sander to a stationary belt sander Larger belts are made, for example as a grinder or a long belt sander. Industrial belt sanders are usually equipped with coarse-grained sandpaper (this is the first step in sanding wood surfaces) and a dust collection system to prevent spreading in the air or on the floor.


Oscillating belt sander

Vibrating belt sanders are ideal for small businesses looking to achieve professional wood sanding and a high finish. In fact, because the belt swings from side to side, this sander guarantees that the belt will last longer, keeping its grinding ability for longer. Oscillating belt sanders allow the machining of parts with limited dimensions: to sand larger surfaces, a long belt sander is necessary.


Long belt sander

Long belt sanders with large sliding contact surfaces are suitable for all production processes involving the sanding of large surfaces. The characteristics of this sander make it particularly suitable for woodworking, machine shops or industrial processes with different batch sizes.


Wood sanders: tips from Kaiyuan

Kaiyuan offers various sanders designed and studied to meet different needs and guarantee high performance and high quality end products. In addition to the standard machines in the catalog, the company can also manufacture special sanders, designed and produced according to the specific needs of each customer.


Universal edge belt sander MMZ-S2W2, standard solution for small businesses, allows machining around the belt and manual adjustment of the vertical oscillating position thanks to the large cast iron table for better use of the high belt. It allows you to use any type of grinding wheel for curved or straight profiles and can be mounted on the grinding wheel for easy transport

Where To Buy Linear Sanding Machine ?

A linear sanding machine has the advantage of being able to work with four different sides of a board. It is ideal for finishing solid wood, veneer, aluminum and wood. The sanding speed is 42 m/h, which is fast enough for mass production. It also has a wide range of applications, from fine sanding to grinding. This sanding machine comes with a variety of useful features, including a stepless speed control.


Kaiyuan's linear sanding machine has a sanding pad that moves back and forth. This gives users a scratch pattern similar to that of hand sanding. It is also perfect for sanding profiles. Its design makes it an ideal tool for architects, woodworkers, and other professionals in the architectural field. It has specialized heads and a strip system, and is suitable for sanding profiles and flat stock metals. It also offers automatic sanding and is easy to clean. Besides sanding, this machine also features PLC and other modern technology. The specialized heads are easy to use and are great for sanding woodworkers.


Edgers can handle many different grits of sandpaper, from very fine to very coarse. Typically, users will start with coarse paper, then move to finer grits as the project progresses. Portable edgers are sometimes equipped with a dust bag to keep most of the sawdust off the floor inside the unit. Belt sanders usually don't have this option.


Edge sanders are generally not available at consumer hardware stores. Consumers will likely need to head to rental facilities or stores that cater to woodworking professionals. Therefore, Kaiyuan's professional equipment and devices can help you in woodworking procecess.






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