Vacuum Spraying Line

Vacuum Spraying Line

* This production line is combined with 2 sets of forward and reverse edge UV spraying sanding machinery + conveyor roller table.

* This production line can complete the priming problem of the straight-line irregular edge of the plate at one time; the first process is to sand the white blank of the plate by sand head, the second process is to dry by spraying, and the last process is to complete by sanding.

* This production line is flexible and easy to operate. Through sanding and spraying can be completed two end surface primer spraying and sanding problems, greatly reduce handling, reduce labor, improve work efficiency.

* The production line only uses two staff to complete the production operation. The operation only needs to carry out material supplement and plate logistics work.

Vacuum Spraying Line

Vacuum Spraying Line

Vacuum Spraying Line

Vacuum Spraying Line

Plate length


Sheet width


Plate thickness


Single piece weight


Feeding speed


Feed spacing

The wood can be placed continuously

When considering the various vacuum spraying production lines that are on the market today, a good place to start is by looking at spray painting vs. line spray painting. The line spray systems, which include the line spray guns themselves, have had an extensive history in the commercial production of painting materials. At one time in their history, they were the only line of products available. Now, almost every material that can be used in the commercial marketplace can be purchased using these systems.


As a result, the vacuum spraying production line comprises the complete lines which are utilized in the manufacturing of a variety of materials. In the old days, mostly the single line production process that in commercial manufacturing, utilizes monovalent injection curing, and carry on in turn spraying each piece can only perform this single process, and once again, couldn't carry on the consistent process throughout the complete line. In most cases, the vacuum spraying production line incorporates four or five different vacuum spraying systems, along with a control room for each system. In most cases, the system will operate through a series of automatic loading controllers and shut off valves. Typically, this type of system doesn't require a human to manually shut off valves, except in the case where there is load dependent valves which are employed during a long drawn out process.


The vacuum spraying production system comprises a large number of automated control stations. Each of these stations has a station manager, along with a wide range of crew members, who are stationed at a given work area, monitoring all of the necessary machinery from an elevated platform. Depending on the type of vacuum baking system which is utilized, a variety of choices are offered to the end users, including the temperature of the ovens as well as the type of baking pans that can be utilized. This makes it very easy for the customers to simply input their baking requirements and conditions, and the system then calculates the optimum baking temperature, based on the specifications entered, and accordingly adjusts the temperature.


An airless spraying production line incorporates a secondary spraying process. In the case of this system, an airless sprayer machine is operated through a supply pipe, which is located between the main vacuum spraying system. This secondary spraying process does not have an associated hose, and rather the airless sprayer is manually moved across the appropriate areas by using a rotary control, much like the primary spraying process. The difference between these two spraying processes is that the primary process involves an external hose, whereas the secondary one does not.


A major advantage of the airless spraying production line of equipment is that it enables extremely accurate positioning of products, without the need for a continuous or manned beam. It also allows for precise placement of different products, even at different locations on the same production floor. Another important advantage of the vacuum spraying systems is that they are very robust. They can withstand high levels of heat and heavy usage, which is very useful in the case of high volume production of a product, such as in the case of cakes.


Although it is possible for a business to choose any sort of vacuum spraying production line, one popular option includes the use of airless spraying machines with a dual baking chamber. The design of these machines allows them to operate as two separate machines, with the airless sprayer positioned between the first and second baking channels, for maximum efficiency. They are very reliable and extremely long lasting. This type of vacuum spraying production line for the baking industry is generally the most cost effective and efficient method available.




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