UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

This production line can finish the spraying and sanding of various special-shaped edges of plates at one time. Through the edge sanding machine and the side vacuum spraying sanding machine, the spraying sanding effect can be completed at one time, which greatly reduces the handling, labor, and improves the work efficiency.

1. The irregular edge can be sprayed by vacuum spraying, and the uniform spraying boundary line can be obtained.

2. No sagging and accumulation.

UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

UV Edge Spraying and Sanding Machine

Max. width of workpiece


Min. width of workpiece


Max. depth of workpiece


Height of working table


Feeding speed


Conveyor motor

3.7KW, 1400r/min, 50HZ

Sponge sand head motor

1.5KW, 1400r/min, 50HZ

Working power supply

380V 50HZ

Total power


Vacuuming mouth






UV edge spraying or sanding machine is one of the most widely used machines that any manufacturing industry uses. This particular type of machine sprays or sands on the edge of a surface to make it smooth and flat. These are usually referred as machines that can do both wet and dry operations. 

They are typically used in order to finish woodworking projects, metal finishing, cabinet work, furniture and so on. They can also be used in manufacturing industries to speed up the production process of many different products. This means that they give much productivity to the  workers with less time in processing raw materials and offer them more efficient work.

The UV edge spraying and sanding machine is commonly used in sanding and spraying operations. The basic function of this machine is to push the material into the feeder that keeps it from falling back out of the nozzle. Another function is to close the feed to protect the material as it is being sprayed or sanded. Both of these functions help to create a smooth edge.

A spray machine is generally used to make sure that the edges of a material are neat and consistent. This machine has an arm that is capable of pumping the material and a large tank to keep the material from evaporating. In some cases, which may also include a blade that is able to cut through the material to evenly distribute the edges. 

Simultaneously, It includes a large boom that creates a controlled stream of spray. The spray gun is connected to the spray machine by a flexible hose. When the boom is pushed, it pushes the spray gun that sprays or sands on the edge. The advantage of using a boom spray is that the machine is able to make very precise cuts as long as the distance between the nozzle and the edge is not too close.

A sanding machine creates a fine finish on a large surface by riding along the grain of the wood or other material. The machine uses two belts that push the sanding machine along the surface. This type of edge spraying and sanding machine is ideal for woodworking as it creates very deep scratches on the edge of a wood piece. It can also be used to remove minute pieces of stone and tile.

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