Sand Blasting Machinery for Woodworking Paint

Sand Blasting Machinery for Woodworking Paint

Equipment Function

Special use of panel shaped work pieces such as: wooden door/line/board custom furniture/bathroom /cabinet, etc.

Process Flow

The operation principle is to automatically or manually feed the plate shaped work piece → then transport to the infrared detection system → then carry out UV bottom/PU low paint sand blasting and grinding (light breaking) → air knife dust collector → after completion, carry out DuPont wire finishing machine → then double roll sisal sanding machine → blanking into the next process of production.

Sand Blasting Machinery for Woodworking Paint

Sand Blasting Machinery for Woodworking Paint

Processing width


Processing length


Processing thickness


Feeding speed

0-8M Adjustable

Lifting range of gun rack


Gun rack rotation


Spraying gun angle


Working spraying gun

24 sets Special sanding gun

Connect compressed air


Working pressure


Speed of rotation axis

3 turns/slightly adjustable

Total power

15.7KWWithout air compressor/380V50HZ

Machine size




Sand Blasting Machine Setup And Applications

Sand blasting is a traditional technique of getting ready a metallic substrate and fabric surfaces earlier than making use of a treatment, coating or different finishes. Whether you’re searching for an most economical system of stripping paint, deburring, cleaning, vivid finishing, scale removal, shot peening or including ornamental etching and high-quality finishing, there’re sand blasting machines for you.

Tips For How To Set Up Sand blasting Machine

Since there are many one of a kind sorts of blasting prep systems, tools setup tactics are no longer usually uniform. The following is a listing of frequent steps to take and matters to reflect onconsideration on when putting up blasting systems:

Inspect all of your components and aspects earlier than meeting to perceive cracks, leaks and different damages or defects.

Position the sand blasting machine's compressor upwind from your work location and on degree floor to preserve dirt and particles from coming into the machine and make certain the oil and moisture separators and lubrication structures can characteristic properly.

Lay out the bull hose and blast hose of the sand blasting machine as straight as feasible to take away kinks and limit bends that can have an effect on cloth glide and performance.

Carefully join hoses and pin fittings, inspecting as soon as once more to make sure that they’re securely in location and keep away from air leaks.

When all of the hoses are in place, observe the sand blasting machine's startup procedure. Once warmed up, test the air stress gauge to verify that it’s registering in the preferred range, making changes if it’s too high or low earlier than starting off with blasting.

Conduct a compressed air cleanliness take a look at and nozzle stress check to affirm that the air is free of moisture and oil and the strain is at the finest stage for the kind of abrasives and floor fabric involved.

Wear security equipment, consisting of your blast hood, metal bolstered footwear, a heavy canvas fashion blasting suit, and defensive gloves throughout operation – all protection notices you must to keep in mind earlier than you start the sand blasting machine




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