Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

* Vacuum spraying advantages: reduce the loss, paint utilization rate of 100%. Saving labor: high productivity of 40m/min.Reduce emissions: harmful substances close to zero emissions, meet stringent environmental requirements, protect the health of operators.

* Unique spray device design, so that the machine in the mold mouth with copying, using Venturi effect to obtain a vacuum environment to atomize the paint, spray the workpiece. It can be used for one-time spraying molding around the workpiece. You can also choose the specified spray surface.

* Unique paint operation and recovery device to ensure that the paint is fully utilized, no waste, and prevent the paint to the outside environment, to protect the operator and the environment.

* Unique systematic design, easy to obtain different thickness of paint film.

* A variety of coatings can be sprayed, such as waterborne paint, UV paint and waterborne UV paint, etc.

* Unique internal spraying mechanism, cleaning and replacing the coating way more quickly.

* Intelligent automation design, reduce the difficulty of mechanical operation.

Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

Line Vacuum Spray Sanding Connection MMT-S3W8

Max. width of workpiece


Min. length of workpiece


Max. thickness of workpiece


Working table height


Feeding speed


Working power supply

380V 50Hz

Control mode

Frequency conversion control

Total power






A vacuum spraying production line is used to create components that are put together much faster than they can be done by hand. This line produces parts in a fraction of the amount of time, which helps to speed up the process of getting these parts to market. Many companies use a vacuum spraying production line to create items that are hard to handle. Items such as parts for RC cars and helicopters are created using this line of production. Parts for toys and electronic items are created with vacuum spraying machines.


When using an airless vertical vacuum spraying sanding machine, it is important that parts are prepped before they are put together. The part needs to have the right temperature to get the job done, and it must also be of the right size. Depending on what type of part is needed, it might also need to go through an assembly process to ensure that all parts are put together properly. This assembly process is known as 'part stuffing'.


The parts used in the assembly process of an airless sprayer machine will generally go through a few different stages during the vacuum spraying production process. These parts include roughing out, gluing, riveting, screwing, and soldering. All of these processes take place before the item goes on to the paint department. This is the section of the production process where an item is sprayed with the paint that is needed for the part. This process is especially useful for items that are not heavy or wide.


The parts used in airless sprayers and other machines are made from durable materials and will last for many years. This is a major factor in the longevity of the spraying process and allows the business owner to have an airless sprayer on hand that is almost always in working order. This also makes it much easier to service machines and to keep them running efficiently.




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