Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-S2W2

Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-S2W2

Scope of Application

Suitable for sanding the edge of cabinets, furniture, wooden doors, etc. Under the premise of ensuring that the head and tail of the workpiece will not be damaged, solve the primer sanding of various plate processing edges.

Equipment features: belt pressing, spring load, reliable compression, no damage to the workpiece; sanding head can adjust the angle, sanding frame has up and down vibration adjustment function, to ensure good heat dissipation and smooth sanding surface.

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-S2W2

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-S2W2

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-S2W2

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-S2W2

Width of workpiece


Max. thickness of workpiece


Height of working table


Feeding speed


Dust absorption mouth diameter


Control method

Frequency conversion control

Total power






What Can Linear Sanding Machine Do ?

This linear sanding machine is suitable for fine grinding, grinding and polishing various solid wood, MDF, veneer, aluminum and other linear shaped products. Such as door frames, wooden lines, photo frames, wave boards, cribs, etc. Modular design, the sanding head can be adjusted individually, the configuration is very flexible, different configurations for different raw materials and products, such as 2 heads, 3 heads, 4 heads, 5 heads, etc.


All in all, nothing beats automatic linear sanding production line. Hand sand so far, until the sheer convenience of allowing the device to do the job outweighs the spare funds of using your hands and lots of sandpaper. Here are some normal situations where you can't do better than letting wood sanding equipment do the trick.


Furniture making: Whether you're an expert or a professional craftsman, every furniture maker needs a set of linear sanding machine. Given the myriad of different applications in wood, As you can imagine, you will benefit from all types of sanding machines from Kaiyuan.


Cabinets have: There is a difference between crafting furniture and crafting desks. The furniture includes some unsupported parts, although the cabinets are mostly detailed to function and fit the parts together. However, there is little difference in sanding prerequisites and you will likely be using both a belt sander and a sheet finisher.


Building stairs: More than a carpentry task, building stairs is more of a work of art. This ability requires many measurements to determine the huge impact of the best edge sander in terms of speed and perfection.




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