Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Scope of Application

Suitable for chamfering and sanding of the wood edges such as cabinets, furniture and wooden doors. Under the premise of ensuring that the head and tail of the workpiece will not be damaged, solve the primer sanding of various plate processing edges.

Excellent performance: belt style wood pressing, spring loaded, reliable compression, no damage to the workpiece.

The angle of sanding head can be adjusted.

The sanding frame has up and down oscillation adjustment function to ensure good heat dissipation and smooth surface.

The beam is loaded by thick belt and spring loaded, the pressing plate is stable and reliable without damaging the workpiece.

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K3W6C3

Width of feeding workpiece


Max. thickness of feeding workpiece


Min. length of feeding workpiece


Feeding speed


Total power






Woodworkers be aware of there is a time and area for sanding by means of hand. You will generally hand-sand for small and elaborate jobs the place powered linear sander machines can harm or vague sharp edges and high-quality details. For giant sanding jobs, the place work progresses from hard to fine-finished stages, there is no alternative for electric powered sanders. They are the energy equipment of desire when it comes to efficiency.


In many situations, nothing beats a linear sander machine. Here are frequent examples of conditions the place you can't decline the usage of automatic linear sanding production line to process.


Furniture making: No count number if you are a hobbyist or expert craftsperson, each fixtures maker wants an assortment of electric powered sanders. It’s challenging to endorse the excellent sander for furnishings due to the fact there are so many specific applications. It's pretty viable you will advantage from all sander types.


Cabinetry making: There is a distinction between fixtures making and cupboard making. Furniture includes many free-standing pieces, whereas cabinetry normally refines to built-in and interlocking components. There is little distinction between sanding requirements, though, and you will probable use each belt sanders and sheet ending sanders.


Staircase building: More than a carpentry task, staircase constructing is nearer to an artwork form. This talent requires enormous quantities of sanding the place energy sanders make an huge distinction in pace and smoothness. Here, cordless random orbital sanders are irreplaceable.


Toy manufacturing: If you are one of the craftspeople who builds children’s toys, powered sanders will make your job a good deal easier. Fine work like toy making requires special equipment such as disc sanders. You may additionally spend a lot of toy-manufacturing time with a palm sander.




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