Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-K2W6

Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-K2W6

This equipment has automatic conveying system, PLC program control system, multi-function sanding head flexible combination, strong passing through of long, wide and narrow wood materials, good processing flexibility, high automation, can be connected with automatic pipeline, and high production efficiency.

Wide range of processing, suitable for all kinds of linear solid wood, composite board, MDF, door core and other side edge profiling and sanding one-time completion. (Such as wooden door core, cabinet door core, door frame, door pocket, photo frame, etc.).

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

114-min.Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6jpg

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Linear Sand Edge Machine MMZ-K2W6

Width of workpiece


Max. thickness of workpiece


Height of working table


Feeding speed


Sponge sanding head diameter


Control method

Frequency conversion control

Total power






Kaiyuan Jingke's Edge Sanding Machine MMZ-K2W6 is extremely useful for most every day factory projects as well as for refinishing most solid wood furniture and cabinets. In addition to its powerful impact on wood surfaces, this machine is also useful for polishing metal and aluminum workpieces too. The edges of these materials are usually prone to chatter and buffing due to wear and tear. The sandpaper attachment of the this edge sanding machine ensures the smoothest possible buffing of these workplaces, leaving behind the finest and most professional-looking finish.

Edge Sanding Machine is designed to be operated using a fully automatic mode. This enables users to manually perform all the sanding processes, including the grinding of the piece edges. It can also automatically speed up and slow down the abrasive action for precise control of the size of the dents and scratches. The machine has a plasticized grip and adjustable dust collection tray to maximize airflow while minimizing damage to the motor and workpiece.

The compact nature of this edge sander makes it ideal for homeowners and small- to medium-sized woodworking shops. However, the size of this unit is dependent on the length of the blade and its width, which depend on the type of grinding wheel being used. Another advantage of owning this product is its adjustable heat control settings, which allows users to precisely control the temperature during sanding operation.  High-tech ceramic wheels are also available with this edge sanding machine to ensure consistent, high-speed performance for years to come.

The main components of this edge sanders woodworking include the sanding belt and the sander itself. The belt contains the abrasives that need to be sanded along the edges of the piece. The sander is also fitted with a rotary tool that features two vertically rotating wheels for grinding, peening, perming, or chiseling. The two vertical rollers also help in the sanding process, as they prevent the wheels from contacting the edges of wood fibers. Lastly, the optional dust collection bag or hose helps to minimize the dust while the belt is being rotated.

When purchasing our woodworking sanding equipment, it is important to consider how you plan to use the machine. Will you primarily be using the machine to sand smaller hardwood edges or larger hollow or wooden edges? Perhaps you will want to incorporate various types of woodworking projects into your daily routine. Perhaps you are a hobbyist who wants to build your own machine. Regardless of your specific goals, it is important to find a machine that will match your needs and desires




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