Woodworking Furniture Production Line Overview

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  • Date:2021/12/28

Based on years experience in equipment manufacturing, KAIYUAN JINGKE as a professional wood sanding machine manufacturer whose machinery actively absorbs and introduces advanced technology and management mode from home and abroad, and produces a variety of high-quality products with high-tech equipment and mature technology: Woodworking furniture production line, Wide brush sander, Linear sanding machine, Edge sanding machine, Sand blasting machine and so on. It has been widely used in the industry.



Wide Brush Sanding Machine


Function Introduction Of Brush Sanding Machine

1. With abrasives of different numbers and specifications, it can completely solve the grinding process of furniture (MDF board, MDF board, solid wood, etc.) blank and paint (PU bottom, UV bottom, PE bottom and water-based paint, etc.), and meet the sanding process needs of customers.

2. The working principle of the special-shaped sanding machine simulates manual grinding, and uses the functions of various components of reciprocating machinery to specifically sanding various special-shaped parts. The sanding effect can not completely replace manual grinding, but can reduce the amount of labor to a certain extent, solve 70% - 90% of the grinding amount, reduce the amount of labor and improve efficiency.

3. Each sanding unit can realize independent control switch, variable frequency speed regulation and independent automatic lifting function. The whole machine adopts computer PLC control program to realize program memory setting function and one key start function, so as to simplify the operation process.


Workpiece Diagram

Wood Line Sanding Machine


Function Introduction Of Wood Line Sanding Machinery

1. This equipment is a new type of practical and efficient surface processing of wood wire. It is suitable for sanding and polishing of various materials and shapes of door cover line, skirting line, L-buckle line, special-shaped line, wood mold, primer, putty, skin, plane and special-shaped surface of aluminum plate.

2. Modular design, multi head independent control, adjustable sand head, sand frame, flexible configuration, easy to freely combine into a continuous processing line. Sand head, sand frame can be up and down 90 ° Rotation, suitable for sanding of various complex straight lines. Pneumatic pressure device is used to reduce the adjustment time, independent conveying mechanism can greatly stabilize the conveying, and the feeding capacity is strong.

3. The pressure material adopts the load of cylinder and spring wheel, and the stability of the pressing material passing the plate is better. The heavy-duty fuselage is welded. The sand head and sand frame are raised and lowered by the structure of dovetail slider to ensure the equipment accuracy.

Workpiece Diagram

Edge Sanding Machine


Function Introduction Of Edge Sander Machine

1. Scope of application: it is suitable for straight-line special-shaped processing sanding of plate edges such as cabinets, furniture and wooden doors. On the premise of ensuring that the head and tail of the workpiece will not be damaged, the primer sanding with tear paint on the processing edges of various plates shall be solved. 

2. Excellent performance: belt type pressing, spring load, reliable pressing, without damaging the workpiece.

3. The sanding head can adjust the angle.

4. The sanding frame has up-down oscillation adjustment function to ensure good heat dissipation and smoothness of the sanded surface.

5. The pressure beam adopts thick belt and spring load, and the pressing plate is stable and reliable without damaging the workpiece.

Workpiece Diagram



We can also design special equipment for you according to your needs, and design, assemble, manufacture and install wood processing production lines for you. Your demand is our pursuit. We look forward to working with you to achieve mutual benefit, win-win and harmonious development!




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