Wide Brush Sanding Machine-Model : MSG1300-P2A2C4-8S

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  • Date:2021/09/08

KAIYUAN JINGKE Company Profile

Foshan Kaiyuan Jingke Machinery Co., Ltd. is committed to solving the blank and paint sanding scheme for the surface of various workpieces such as doors, windows, photo frames, cabinets, wardrobe, children's beds, tables and chairs.


With many years of equipment manufacturing experience, Kaiyuan Jingke machinery has actively absorbed and introduced cutting-edge technologies and management modes at home and abroad, and produced a variety of high-quality products with advanced equipment and mature technology: wide brush sander, Linear sanding machine, Door pocket milling sanding machine, Edge sanding machine, side vacuum spraying machine, etc, It has been recognized by many brand companies in the industry and has been widely used in the industry.


① Wide brush sanding machine appearance reference diagram



② Wide brush sanding machine structure diagram


③ The components of Wide brush sanding machine are shown in the figure

Remarks: the quick abrasive replacement structure is adopted to replace the abrasive more quickly. Each time the abrasive is replaced, only the abrasive cloth needs to be replaced. The disc abrasive can be replaced by the quick pulling and inserting type and quick chuck, which can save a lot of labor.


④ Workpiece sample from Wide brush sanding machine



⑤ Wide brush sanding machine function introduction:

1. With abrasives of different numbers and specifications, it can completely solve the grinding process of furniture (MDF board, MDF board, solid wood, etc.) blank and paint (PU bottom, UV bottom, PE bottom and water-based paint, etc.), and meet the sanding process needs of customers.

2. The working principle of the Wide brush sanding machine simulates manual grinding, and uses the functions of various components of reciprocating machinery to specifically sanding various special-shaped parts. The sanding effect can not completely replace manual grinding, but can reduce the amount of labor to a certain extent, solve 70% - 90% of the grinding amount, reduce the amount of labor and improve efficiency.

3. Each sanding unit can realize independent control switch, variable frequency speed regulation and independent automatic lifting function. The whole machine adopts computer PLC control program to realize program memory setting function and one key start function, so as to simplify the operation process.


⑥ Requirements for technical parameters of Wide brush sanding machine

⑦ Description of Wide brush sanding machine motor and electrical appliance:

  • Motor brand: Dunglee, TAIWAN
  • Inverter brand: Simphoenix 
  • PLC: Simphoenix
  • Brand of low voltage electrical appliances such as contactors: CHINT electric
  • Conveyor belt brand: joint venture
  • Pneumatic components: EASUN, ZHEJIANG, CHINA
  • Drive bearing: SKF (Sweden)




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