Wide Brush Sander Machine-MSC1300-P2A2C3

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  • Date:2021/08/13

Wide brush sander, model: MSC1300-P2A2C3

Product introduction:

(1) This equipment is equipped with automatic feeding system, PLC program memory one key control system, flexible combination of multi unit sand head, good processing flexibility, high automation, can be connected with automatic assembly line, and high production efficiency.

(2) Wide processing range, suitable for white body and paint of various flat, special-shaped surface, curved surface and other plates, which can be sanded and polished; Such as wooden door, cabinet, wardrobe, dining table, chair, children's bed, floor, etc.

Equipment structure diagram :

Workpiece diagram :


 Process Description: wood sanding

1. Through the first and second group of P round disc 360 ° two groups of rotary sanding, installation of 240# abrasive, special-shaped arc angle, groove, special-shaped parts, etc. are repeatedly polished to damage the paint surface, so as to prepare for the sanding behind.

2. Through the third and fourth groups of a horizontal sanding roller parts swing sanding, two groups of a horizontal sanding roller through a positive and a negative movement way to install 320# abrasive cloth, which can effectively solve the problem of transverse groove and engraving.

3. Through the fifth, sixth and seventh groups of 180 #, 240#, C parts of the big sand roller two positive and one negative continuous grinding and special-shaped groove re processing, the special-shaped parts of the sand and eliminate the grain polishing has a better effect.

4. According to different numbers and specifications of abrasives, it can completely solve the grinding process of furniture (MDF board, MDF board, solid wood, etc.) blank, paint (PU bottom, UV bottom, PE bottom and water-based paint, etc.) to meet the needs of customers.

5. The working principle of special-shaped sanding machine simulates manual sanding, and uses the functions of various parts of reciprocating machinery to sanding the special-shaped parts. The sanding effect can not completely replace manual sanding. It can reduce the amount of labor to a certain extent, solve 70% - 90% of the grinding amount, reduce the amount of labor, and improve the efficiency.

6. Each sanding unit can realize independent control switch, frequency conversion speed regulation and independent automatic lifting function. The whole machine adopts computer PLC control program to realize program memory setting function and one key start function, so as to simplify the operation process.


Equipment process description:



Remarks : the quick abrasive replacement structure is adopted to replace the abrasive more quickly. The abrasive cloth only needs to be replaced every time, and the disc abrasive can be replaced by the quick plug and quick chuck, which can save a lot of labor.


Requirements for technical parameters of equipment :



⑺ Specifications and models of parts used in this machine:

① Motor brand: Taiwan Dongli, broadband series energy saving motor frequency: 50 Hz, 380 V

② Inverter brand: Taiwan Shilin

③ PLC is Taiwan Shilin

④ Contactor and other low voltage electrical appliances brand: Taiwan Shilin

⑤ Conveyor belt brand: joint venture brand

⑥ Pneumatic components: JELPC (Zhejiang, China)

⑦ Drive bearing: SKF (Sweden)





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