What Are The Operation Specifications And Attention Points ?

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Linear sanding machine is a woodworking machine. Although it has sound protective equipment, accidents will also occur when the users operate improperly. Therefore, the operators should do a good job of pre job training before using the linear sanding machine and operate the linear sanding machine according to the specifications to ensure the safety of personnel and property.


linear sanding machine

Safety Operation Specification For Linear Sanding Machine

1. After the brake device of the sander fails, it shall not be used again.

2. Before operation, the operator must be familiar with the performance, purpose and operation precautions of the machine. Novices are strictly prohibited to operate the machine alone. No one shall start the sander without training and authorization.

3. Operators must wear work clothes and gloves during operation, and non operators are not allowed to approach the working machine.

4. Before startup, check whether there are obstacles between the conveyor table and the grinding wheel, remove them and blow them clean with compressed air.

5. Check the oil quantity of conveyor belt drive reducer.


linear sanding machine


6. Confirm whether the power supply voltage is normal.

7. Turn on the main power control switch, turn on the source and dust removal valve, and start the dust collection system.

8. Confirm whether the tightness of the sand belt is moderate, the compressed air pressure value is 0.5Mpa, and close the machine door. The cleanliness and sharpness of the abrasive belt shall be ensured at all times.

9. Set each data input button on the control panel as required. Start and operate the sander according to the sequence.

10. If the sand plate is stuck, it is strictly prohibited to take it out forcibly during operation. It is necessary to stop first and make sure that the material is adjusted after stopping.

  linear sanding machine


11. In case of abnormal operation, the machine shall be shut down immediately and handed over to professional personnel for maintenance. During maintenance, ensure that the power supply is disconnected.



12. When the operator wants to leave the post for something, he must turn off the machine first to avoid talking with others during operation.

13. Avoid centralized use of a certain section of sand belt and improve the utilization rate of sand belt.

14. When replacing the sanding belt halfway, the dust suction valve must be closed and installed in the direction of the movement arrow of the sand belt.

15. In case of power failure during operation, the workpiece pressed under the sanding belt pulley shall not be pulled out by force.





16. In case of other abnormal conditions, the machine shall be shut down for maintenance immediately.

17. Clean the machine and work site before going off duty, clean the dust around the machine, do not accumulate dust on the motor, and do a good job in the daily maintenance of the equipment.

18. After the work is completed, use the control program to turn off each motor and then turn off the power supply, air source and dust suction valve.

19. Keep the machine and its surroundings clean.

20. Check the motor braking device every day.





21. Keep the oil quantity of oil mist and reducer sufficient.

22. Add grease to each shaft hole every three months.

23. Check the air pipe and valve of the linear sanding machine every day to avoid air leakage.


The Warning For Use Of Linear Sanding Machine :

(1) Do not press the emergency stop button frequently unless in a special emergency, if the machine or workpiece may cause personal injury or fatal damage to the equipment;

(2) The brake should only be used in an emergency. (because the huge force generated by the brake will be transmitted to the roller bearing, causing the bearing to heat, wear, or even damage, and accelerating the wear of the brake pad)

(3) The pressure setting of compressed air barometer is very important. A reasonable setting value can improve the kinetic energy of pneumatic control.

linear sanding machine


How To Remove The Sand Marks When Using Linear Sanding Machine ?

After a long time of use, the linear sanding machine will inevitably appear some wear. The sand mark is caused by wear in the process of use. The sand mark is not only ugly, but also affects the use of the linear sanding machine. Kaiyuan, the linear sander machine manufacturer, we advice that in order to ensure the normal operation of linear sanding machine, it is necessary to remove sand marks.

1. Before using the linear sanding machine, adjust the cutting amount of each sanding with a feeler gauge.

2. Turn on the linear sanding machine and check the sanding belt. If there is damage or sand mark on the workpiece. Replace the sanding belt with a new one. The service time of one sanding belt is 2 hours and should be replaced in time.



3. If it is necessary to use coarse sanding belt or blasting belt, stop reusing dust for about 4 hours.

4. The sand removing machine shall be used normally. There shall be no dust at the bottom of the sand removing machine. The air inlet gate of the sand removing machine shall not be adjusted randomly to change the internal pressure of the sand removing machine, so as to reduce the sand removing machine effect.

5. When adjusting the grinding press, do not press it hard, but adjust it gently to avoid large stress on 180 sanding belt grain and sand marks.




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