What Are The Fine Sanding Process Solutions For Cabinets ?

  • By:Kaiyuan
  • Date:2022/02/12

In the mass customization production mode, the design of furniture products should focus on the core of "reducing the internal diversification of products and improving the external diversification of products". Cabinet door is an important part of cabinet. Solid wood cabinet door has been loved by consumers because of its natural texture and texture and changeable shape. Different cabinet doors with different shapes should be used for different home decoration. Different door panel shapes make the cabinet more stylish, and the treatment of lace corners and the color of paint are also more refined.


1. Flat cabinet door: solid door without frame or panel, with simple and generous shape. With the prevalence of minimalism, flat cabinet doors have been widely used to create a modern, light luxury and temperament style.


2. Core plate plane cabinet door: the core plate of the cabinet door is a plane thin plate, and the frame has or does not have a linear shape. The structure of this kind of door panel is different from that of flat cabinet door, but the style is similar and the sense of spatial hierarchy is good. It is suitable for modern style with high texture or transition to classical style.


3. Core board special-shaped cabinet door: the core board has shape, and the drop with the frame forms a complex shape. Rich shapes can meet the needs of American, European, classical and other styles.


In the process of cabinet door production, sanding is the most time-consuming and laborious link. From wood sanding to primer sanding, it will consume a lot of human and material resources. Artificial sanding will have problems such as uneven sanding and untimely sanding, which has brought many problems to cabinet customization enterprises. Aiming at the problem of cabinet sanding, KAIYUANJINGKE carefully creates high-quality wood cabinet sanding machine, replaces labor with high-precision machinery, improves the efficiency and quality of cabinet production, and completely solves the trouble of cabinet sanding!


Edge sanding machine


Profiling milling cutter


Milling sanding sample


Product introduction:

1. Independent vertical shaft milling cutter is equipped with 5.5kw power motor; It has the function of automatic adjustment up, down, left, right, front and back. After milling, it is transported to the linear sanding machine for sanding edge treatment. It has the function of high efficiency, speed and stability, and reduces one manual turnover link.


2. Wide processing range, suitable for all kinds of linear solid wood, composite board, density board, door core, equal side edge imitation and sanding - Secondary Completion. (such as wooden door core, wardrobe / cabinet door core, door frame, door pocket, photo frame frame, etc.)


Wide brush sander


Equipment details: the quick abrasive replacement structure is adopted to replace the abrasive more quickly. Each time the abrasive is replaced, only the abrasive cloth needs to be replaced. The disc abrasive can be replaced by quick pulling and inserting type and quick chuck, which can save a lot of labor. 


Sanding sample


Sand blasting machine

Rotary sand blasting machine - 360 ° omni-directional grinding, which is easier to deal with special-shaped, hollowed out, grooves and other primer workpieces that are difficult to deal with manually. KAIYUANJINGKE carefully creates high-quality sanding equipment, replaces labor with high-precision machinery, improves production efficiency and quality, and completely solves the trouble of sanding furniture workpieces !




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