What Are The Advantages of Sand Blasting Process?

  • Date:2021/08/03

In recent years, there is more demand for solid wood customized furniture. Solid wood furniture with special-shaped, carved, hollowed out and other elements is also widely used. At the same time, it also increases the pressure on the sanding process of enterprise products. The problems of high cost and low efficiency of traditional sanding process are becoming more and more prominent, and what are the advantages of sand blasting and sanding of solid wood furniture? here, we talk about some details of using the sand blasting machine.


Here, please watch the video of introduction.




Process Comparison

Traditional process

In the traditional sanding process, manual grinding has always been an indispensable finished product processing process. Especially for the sanding of special-shaped and whole wood customized products, the overall treatment is time-consuming and laborious. In addition, some traditional sanding equipment still need subsequent manual treatment after treatment.


Traditional Sanding Section Dominated By Manpower


Structure and principle of sand blasting machine

The spacious arc-shaped sandblasting space can realize the optimized flow of air flow in the sandblasting area at a high feed speed, forming a relatively static movement with the conveying speed; The special-shaped workpiece is not penetrated, there is no black edge, the light breaking rate of primer on the plate surface is uniform, the edges and corners are in place, and the rotary flexible grinding effect is closer to the traditional manual grinding effect.


360 ° Spray Gun No Dead Angle Grinding

Efficiency : the rotary sand blasting machine can be connected with the paint equipment to form a production line, and the labor of the whole line can be reduced by 80%.


Sanding Effect Comparison

Quality of traditional processing

The traditional sanding process has a high degree of manual participation. In the long run, it is easy to have problems in the treatment details, such as edge and angle penetration due to uneven strength when sanding the wood door primer, serious sand marks when breaking the film, etc.

Edge Threading (left) And Oil Dripping (right) Easy To Appear In Traditional Sanding


Sand blasting grinding effect

Sandblasting can control the gas pressure and speed. The rotary automated sandblasting equipment contains 24 spray guns to complete 360 ° processing, which has higher processing efficiency and wider application range.


Comparison Before And After Grinding


 Cost Comparison

Comparison of Equipment And Labor


Environmental Protection Comparison

As we all know, the dust generated in the polishing process not only pollutes the workshop environment and affects workers' health, but also is difficult to collect and control after diffusion. The sand blasting machine can realize dust-free grinding, improve the working environment, avoid the traditional dust problems, and be more environmentally friendly and healthy.


Management Comparison

For the traditional sanding method with large proportion of labor, there will be problems in workers' proficiency, labor force status and management mode.


The equipment is easy to operate and intelligently managed

The full-automatic rotary sand blasting machine can be connected to the enterprise information management system to facilitate management. Workers can master its operation mode after training. The safety control system of the equipment also greatly improves the safety of the processing process.



Sandblasting machine + special-shaped sanding production line video


Primer sanding is particularly important. The primer process usually has problems such as particles, oil flow and orange peel. The more problems, the longer the later manual maintenance time. If the primer is not handled properly, it will also add difficulties to the finish treatment. The use of sand blasting machine is undoubtedly an effective means to alleviate the pressure of production capacity and improve production efficiency.






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