What Affects the Final Quality of Wood Linear Products

  • By:Kaiyuan Jingke
  • Date:2021/03/25

There are many kinds of household products, and the appearance modeling is more like stars. In a sense, all kinds of products are composed of panels, frames and lines.

Ceiling wood line

Wood line of wall panel

There are many lines used in the wall panel. The difference between the wall panel and the ceiling is that the wall panel has a larger center panel, and the top line, bottom line and middle panel line need to use wood lines.

Wooden door wood line

The main function of wooden door line is to perform the trimming decoration, cooperate with the door core plate structure, so that the gap of the wood door core plate can be perfectly covered, and increase the decorative and heavy feeling of the wooden door.

Although the wood line is small, but it determines the final quality of the product, good line sanding, is the eternal theme of processing enterprises to ensure product quality.

In the sanding process, intelligent sanding equipment has gradually replaced the traditional manual sanding. Sanding is a time-consuming and labor-consuming process in the production of household wood products. Sanding equipment is needed in the front, middle and back sections. High quality sanding equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of enterprises and reduce labor costs.

KAIYUAN JINGKE meticulously creates high-quality sanding equipment, replaces labor with high-precision machinery, improves production efficiency and quality, and thoroughly solves the sanding trouble of furniture workpiece!




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