The Key Points And Process of Linear Sanding Machine Production

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  • Date:2021/12/24

In solid wood furniture, the use of decorative lines is very rich, especially the use of special-shaped wood lines. This kind of cross-section is a wooden line with irregular shape, which is occasionally read in the different styles of many furniture products such as cabinets and wooden doors.

1.Cabinet products

American furniture

Flashy decoration and simple but not simple flowing lines show the atmosphere of American style cabinet products.


European Furniture

The exquisite line decoration, coupled with gorgeous and classic color systems such as white and gold, incisively and vividly displays the elegance of European cabinet products.


Modern furniture

The modern style is mainly simple. Through simple modeling and a small amount of lines, it brings the simple beauty of decoration.


2.Wooden door products

American wooden door

From the perspective of modeling, the lines of American wooden doors are mostly square and upright. On the whole, there is a profound feeling. It pays attention to reflecting the overall ruggedness of wooden doors through lines.


European wooden door

European style wooden doors are mostly decorated with fasteners. The overall wooden lines are smooth. The color is luxurious, the decoration is exaggerated, and the aristocratic atmosphere is not lost. The overall feeling of high-end luxury is created.


Modern wooden door

Through the combination of simple modeling framework and the application of special-shaped lines, the modern wooden doors look simple and meaningful.

Special shaped lines play a very effective role in the decoration of solid wood furniture, such as decoration, connection and covering. At the same time, the decoration of such lines makes furniture products look more coordinated.

In solid wood furniture, the use of such small cross-section special-shaped lines as decoration is very large. It can be said that lines are very important for furniture. In production, high speed and efficiency are the effect that enterprises want to achieve.


The decorative lines need to be effectively sanded by wood line sanding machine or manual before making, so as to ensure the subsequent spraying effect.

The common practice of some production enterprises is that operators hold the line and press the line on the octagonal sand column manually for sanding.

However, due to the uneven shape of the wooden strip, it not only improves the difficulty of sanding, but also increases the quality requirements. It is not simple to deal with sanding well. In addition, due to manual operation, the work efficiency is relatively low and the quality is not guaranteed.

Therefore, improving the sanding speed and quality of lines is an urgent technical problem for furniture manufacturers. For various special-shaped lines such as door pocket line and skirting line, the use of supporting automatic linear sander machine is one of the best ways to solve the sanding problem.

Wood line sanding machine is composed of multiple special-shaped line sanding units and is distributed and arranged in the forward direction of the line. This kind of equipment has the following advantages and can well help manufacturers complete the production of a large number of lines.

1.Accurate sanding compensation

The sanding unit of linear sanding machine has automatic compensation function, which can accurately compensate the consumption of grinding wheel, sanding length of workpiece, parameter setting, etc. in the process of workpiece sanding, so as to ensure the line processing quality and have obvious advantages in grinding effect and labor.

2.Convenient adjustment

In order to improve the adjustability in the sanding process, the sanding group of each component of the linear sander machine can rotate up and down 90° according to the actual shape of the special-shaped line. In addition, the sanding head also adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which is suitable for a variety of sanding process requirements of various workpieces.

3.Overall sanding is stable

The wood line sanding machine adopts wheel type side pressure conveying, which can effectively prevent the problem of left-right swing in the sanding process, ensure the stability of production, and correct whether the line is bent.

Of course, to improve the sanding speed and quality of the linear sanding machine, we should not only pay attention to the equipment, but also some other factors, which are also very important:

1.Remove dust in time to improve sanding quality

If the linear sander machine does not remove dust in time, it will lead to the backlog of dust on the surfaces of bearings and sand rollers, accelerate the wear of equipment and affect the service life of equipment. Timely dust removal treatment will greatly improve the sanding quality.

2.Replace the abrasive belt in time

The abrasive belt is an important abrasive tool of the linear sanding machine. During sanding, some dust and other particles will often 




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