Linear Sander Machine0-Model MMQ-W12

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  • Date:2021/12/01

1. Machine features: (suitable for wood mold and painting sanding and polishing of various molding lines)


  • This linear sander machine is a new type of practical and efficient surface processing of wood wire. It is suitable for sanding and polishing of various materials and shapes of door cover line, skirting line, l-buckle line, special-shaped line, wood mold, primer, putty, skin, plane and special-shaped surface of aluminum plate.
  • Working principle: the surface of workpiece is polished by plane or imitation grinding with consumables synthesized from various grinding materials such as TBM material, polyimide grinding wheel, non-woven cloth wheel, grinding wheel, abrasive belt, nylon wheel, octagonal sand and sanding cloth wheel.
  • Modular design, multi head independent control, adjustable sand head, sanding frame, flexible configuration, easy to freely combine into a continuous processing line. Sand head, sanding frame can be up and down 90 ° rotation, suitable for sanding of various complex straight lines. Pneumatic pressure device is used to reduce the adjustment time, independent conveying mechanism can greatly stabilize the conveying, and the feeding capacity is strong.
  • Air cylinder and spring wheel load are used for pressing, the stability of pressing plate is better, the heavy-duty fuselage is welded, and the swallow tail slider structure is used for lifting and advancing of sand head and sand frame to ensure the accuracy of the equipment.
  • Taiwan TUNGLEE dual frequency motor, Taiwan Shilin electric control system, equipped with PLC automatic compensation system, can reduce the manual wear compensation of consumables grinding wheel, simple operation, convenient maintenance, 40 meters per minute feeding speed, greatly improve the efficiency of line sanding.


2. Equipment appearance:




  Configuration of equipment appearance :




Description and requirements of process layout :

1) The first, second and third sanding heads adopt a 4-inch 100 mm long shaft motor with a rotating speed of 1430 R / min to arrange the upper surface of the sanding workpiece;

2) The fourth and fifth sanding heads reserve left and right sides for sanding, adopt 4 inch 100mm motor shaft, and the speed can reach 2800 r/min;

3) The sixth, seventh, eighth and ninth sanding heads Reserve left and right sides for sanding, adopt 4-inch 100mm motor shaft, and the speed can reach 2800 r/min;

4) The tenth and eleventh sanding heads are facing each other, and the motor shaft of 4 inch and 100 mm is adopted, and the speed can reach 2800 R / min;

5) The twelfth sanding head is reserved on the bottom of sanding, with a 4-inch motor shaft of 100 mm, and the speed can reach 2800 r/min;

6) All sanding heads are equipped with automatic advance and retreat, automatic compensation function, PLC control of the whole machine, automatic supplement function and one key start function.

7) All sanding head independent frequency control, all motor power is 1.5kw.    


3. Equipment parameters

Fuselage features:

The whole fuselage is welded with profile steel pipe, so the fuselage strength is more stable.

Equipment size: 8851 * 1530 * 1500mm


Column system:

All cast iron casting structure, machining center processing dovetail groove, higher precision,more stable.


Multifunctional sanding head structure:

It adopts multi-function sanding head structure design, W is 4 inch, 100 mm, sponge wheel sand head; The speed of belt is 0-12 m/s; The length of belt is 840; The sanding head is matched with the standard grinding wheel used all over the world. The grinding wheel can be made according to the shape of the workpiece, and the irregular edges can be sanded in an all-round way;


Upgraded transport bridge system (optional)

Double bridge and double row conveyor wheels can be used for lines and plates with a minimum of 2.5cm and a maximum of 22cm, which is stable and gentle

Pneumatic pressing mechanism:

The cylinder structure pressing device is adopted to change the traditional manual adjustment mode, which can greatly reduce the pressure

Greatly reduce labor, shorten the adjustment time, lengthen the structure of pressure wheel, can be used

Ensure the stability of lines of different sizes.


Electronic control system:

The full touch digital display screen is used to operate and the automatic compensation system is configured. The sanding head is calculated by PLC of the electric control system according to the set time and period, so the automatic supplement function is realized without manual compensation operation.



4. Equipment parameters and supplementary instructions:


Thickened frame

Machine frame

Workpiece processing width: 20-150mm

Maximum disposable sanding range: 5-100 mm

Maximum thickness of workpiece feeding: 80mm

Minimum length of workpiece feeding: 600mm

Feeding speed: 5 ~ 35m / min (frequency control)

Conveying motor: 380V, 50Hz, 4.07kw, 1400R / min

 Sand head parts

Automatic advance and retreat

Automatic-compensation function


Belt size perimeter × Width 840 × 100 mm (consumables)

Sand head main motor 380V, 50Hz, 1.5KW, 1430r / min (variable frequency speed regulation)

Specification and outer diameter of sponge wheel × internal diameter × 180 high × twenty-five point four × 102mm (consumables)

Suction port Φ 100mm 



  Machine parameters

Working power supply  380V 50Hz

Working pressure  0.6~0.8 Mpa

Long overall dimension * wide * Height  8851 * 1300 * 1500mm

Total power  22.07kw

Net weight 4500kg



5. The equipment is suitable for processing products



6. Functions and advantages of the device :

① Column casting structure, solid, stable, beautiful products atmosphere;

② Taiwan TUNGLEE motor, Taiwan Shilin inverter and low voltage electrical system;

③ Widen 145mm conveyor belt;

④ Pneumatic pressure material structure, can quickly change the line, save the adjustment time, pneumatic pressure material can reduce the pressure material wheel set product table to a certain extent

Surface damage;

⑤ The conveying speed and sand head speed of the whole machine are all variable frequency adjustable speed motors, and the TUNGLEE motors are all double frequency variable frequency motors, which can compare and transmit

Y series motors save 30% energy consumption;

⑥ Pu double row rubber wheel across the bridge, more stable to ensure the smooth feeding of the workpiece, to avoid the line local stuck paint penetration phenomenon.

⑨ The sanding speed of the equipment can reach 0 ~ 40 m / min, which does not affect the sanding effect.

⑩ Multi function sand head configuration can be installed with different abrasives: brush roller, octagonal sand, copying wheel, abrasive belt;


7. Specification and model of parts used in the equipment :

1) Motor brand: Taiwan TUNGLEE

2) Inverter brand: Taiwan Shilin

4) Low voltage electrical brand: Taiwan Shilin

5) Conveyor belt brand: joint venture

6) Pneumatic components: Adek (Taiwan)

7) Drive bearing: SKF (Sweden)

8) Sponge wheel size: 180 * 100 * 25.4 brand (Taiwan Meina)

9) Feeding speed: 5-40 m /min,

10) Height of conveying table: 850mm

8. Types of multifunctional sand head Abrasives: (the following abrasives are common and can be bought everywhere in the market)










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