Key Points Of Wood Door Sanding Machine Processing

  • By:Kaiyuan
  • Date:2021/12/23

The proportion of solid wood doors in wooden doors is always large, and the frame design style of solid wood doors and the aesthetic feeling of door frame lines have always brought people a lot of highlights.



Solid wood framed door refers to the door made of tenon wood frame inlaid with wood board or spliced with thick wood board. The most basic structure of solid wood door includes: upper and lower risers, door edge (upright) sill and door core plate. Generally, the riser and door edge form four frames through tenon joint, in which the door core plate is embedded.


Based on the number of core plates of frame structure wooden doors, we can divide wooden doors into the following categories:


Single door panel

Wooden door is composed of a door frame and a wooden board. It is commonly used in modern home. It has simple shape and is suitable for all kinds of things.




Double plate door

It is a common style. The double board door can create a better atmosphere for home and space. At the same time, the shape similar to the Japanese shape has been very popular in the European market.


Three plate door

The arrangement of three board doors is diverse, which is also more grand and unrestrained, and the decoration is also very strong.



The above examples show some basic wooden door styles. Different shapes and lines construct products with various styles, but this is only the tip of the iceberg in the wooden door market. With the diversified development of wooden door modeling, the technology of wood door sanding machine in wooden door manufacturing has been widely used. The technology and process research of wooden door sanding machine for wooden door is a common technical problem in wooden door production industry. At present, there are still some problems as follows:


1. The replacement of abrasive belt is inconvenient, the disassembly of grinding wheel is time-consuming and laborious, and the auxiliary operation time is long, which affects the sanding efficiency.


2. The sanding after finishing still needs auxiliary manual sanding in some corners and other parts.


3. The process of brush sanding machine is not mature enough, and sand overflow or sand leakage will occur in use.


4. The effect of polishing the paint surface is not good. It can only be polished smooth but not flat, which costs sand strip.


5. There is little theoretical research on wide brush sander at home and abroad, and there is no relevant research literature. There is a lack of in-depth research on belt parameters, strip brush grinding wheel parameters, support elastomer selection, belt contact length determination and so on.


In order to truly solve the problems of wood door sanding machine, we should make a comprehensive innovation from the process flow, such as:

1. As for the crimping wooden door, the polishing efficiency is greatly improved by priming the parts before assembly, but the following points still need to be paid attention to: part standard, batch production and process innovation.


2. Optimization of sanding parameters of special-shaped surface of wooden door by Taguchi method.


Through the parameter design, the quality fluctuation of sanding within the allowable range is minimized, so as to ensure the sanding quality. Taking the signal-to-noise ratio as the index to measure the stability, through the statistical analysis of the orthogonal test results, the optimal parameter level combination with good adjustability and stable performance is combined to improve the sanding quality.




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