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  • Date:2021/07/08

The most important part of the cabinet production is the cabinet door, and its processing quality and efficiency directly determine the yield of the whole wood customized products. Excuse me, in the whole wood customization production process, what is the most time-consuming and laborious step?

Yes, it's the sanding step. From white embryo sanding to finish sanding will consume a lot of manpower and material resources, artificial sanding will appear uneven sanding, not in time and other problems, which brings a lot of problems to cabinet customization enterprises.

Manual sanding has high requirements for the patience and physical strength of workers. The vibrating sanding equipment has great reaction force on wrist and arm. Meanwhile, male workers are not patient enough, and the detailed processing of the processed workpiece is poor, and the strength of female workers is not good. After a period of working, the sanding strength will be reduced.

In order to solve the above problems, KAIYUANJINGKE, using its edge milling sander and meticulously creates high-quality door of cabinet sanding machine equipment, replaces labor with high-precision machinery, improves the efficiency and quality of cabinet production, and thoroughly solves the problem of cabinet sanding!

Cabinet door: Edge milling sander

Edge milling sander MMZ-K2S2W2

The machine body is made of thickened steel plate, full frame cast iron column, high efficiency, dual frequency and low energy consumption motor. The belt type pressing structure is adopted for the core plate of American cabinet door, which can ensure the smooth passing and effect of the milling type transverse conveying of the narrow plate door core plate, and the 10 inch full numerical control touch type large operation screen.


Process Description: Edge  milling and sanding


1.       Independent vertical shaft milling cutter is equipped with 5.5kw power motor; It has the function of automatically adjusting up, down, left, right, front and back. After milling, it is transported to the linear edge sander for edge sanding machine. It has the function of high efficiency, fast and stable, reducing a manual turnover step.

2.       Each position sanding unit can realize independent control switch and frequency conversion speed regulation, up and down, advance and retreat can be adjusted function, the whole machine adopts computer PLC control program, electric lifting beam, adjustment is fast and convenient.

3.       Wide range of processing, suitable for all kinds of linear solid wood, composite board, density board, door core, and other side edge imitation and sanding Such as wooden door core, wardrobe / cabinet door core, door frame, door pocket, photo frame, etc.)

Product illustration



Appearance drawing of milling cutter     



Proflied wheel

Profilied milling cutter

Appearance drawing of sand frame components

The size of the grinding block is 40 * 75 * 50, which can be used for profiling the special-shaped surface no more than 75, so as to solve the edge or surface with high flatness requirements. The surface sanding can be realized at 90 ° on the sand rack and 90 ° below (non-standard customization), which can effectively solve the surface sanding with large sanding amount.

Schematic diagram of multifunctional sanding head W components


Machine video

KAIYUANJINGKE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. through docking with customers' process technology, through professional experience in sanding technology, and according to product characteristics and processing requirements, customized and designed appropriate sanding process solutions for the potential sanding problems and process difficulties in the process of cabinet production line. Help enterprises successfully reduce labor costs, improve product quality and production efficiency.




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