Edge Sanding Machine-Model MMZ-K2S2W2

  • Date:2021/08/24

Model of Edge Sanding Machine: MMZ-K2S2W2 


① Appearance diagram of equipment product (subject to the actual machine)

 ② Machine configuration:

Note: the machine body is made of thickened steel plate, full frame cast iron column, high efficiency, dual frequency and low energy consumption motor. The belt type pressing structure is adopted for the core plate of American cabinet door, which can ensure the smooth passing and effect of the milling type transverse conveying of the narrow plate door core plate, and the 10 inch full numerical control touch type large operation screen.


③ Process Description: side milling and sanding

1、 The first station: install a 5.5kw 9000r / min motor with forming cutter to rough mill the side modeling of workpiece;

2、 The second station: install a 5.5kw 9000r / min motor with forming cutter to finish milling the side molding of workpiece;

3、 The third position: install a 400 type triangle sand holder, which is used for profile sanding on the side plane or arc surface of the workpiece;

4、 The position 4, 5 and 6: install 3 multi-functional sand heads to sand and polish the side plane or shape;

5、Each position sanding unit can realize independent control switch and frequency conversion speed regulation, up and down, advance and retreat can be adjusted function, the whole machine adopts computer PLC control program, electric lifting beam, adjustment is fast and convenient.

④ Product illustration:


⑤ Appearance drawing of milling cutter:

⑥ Appearance drawing of sand frame components:


⑦ Schematic diagram of multifunctional sand head w components :


⑧ Machine parameter:


⑨ Brand description of parts used in this machine:

  • Transmission motor brand: Taiwan Dongli frequency: 50Hz 380V
  • Milling cutter motor brand: Taiwan joint venture Tiansheng frequency: 150Hz 380V
  • Inverter brand: Taiwan Shilin
  • PLC brand: Taiwan Shilin
  • Low voltage electrical appliance brand: Taiwan Shilin
  • Conveyor belt brand: joint venture brand
  • Pneumatic components: Yadeke
  • Drive bearing: SKF (Sweden)
  • Steel welding structure, profile guide rail, fixed thickened conveyor chain plate, cast iron column, the body is stable and heavy.




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