Edge Milling Sander Machine-MMZ-S1W3

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  • Date:2021/09/16

FOSHAN KAIYUAN JINGKE MACHINERY CO.,LTD. is located in Shunde Lunjiao, the leading city of woodworking machinery manufacturing in China. It is committed to provide customers with the solutions of blank, painting and sanding for the surface of various workpieces such as doors, windows, picture frames, cabinets, closets, bathrooms, wood lines, etc.


It has many senior technical personnel, serving the R & D, production and after-sales departments. Based on years of equipment manufacturing experience, KAIYUAN JINGKE machinery actively absorbs and introduces advanced technology and management mode at home and abroad, and produces a variety of high-quality products with advanced equipment and mature technology: Production line, Wide brush sander, Linear sander, Edge sander, UV Edge painting , Sand blasting machine, Curve Sander, Primer sander and Automatic auxiliary equipment, It has been widely used in the industry.





(A) Wide brush sander MSG1300-P2A2C4-8S

(Mark illustration: MSG is heavy duty automatic adjustment functions,1300 represents processing width is 1300mm,A is horizontal sanding, P is round disc, C is big sand)

① Appearance diagram of equipment product (subject to the actual machine)



② Drawing:



③Part List (Large sand has two types for option: Straight and spiral)

                                                 A part(Horizontal sanding)                P part(Round disc)                   C part(Large spiral sand)

Remarks: each sanding unit adopts a quick abrasive replacement structure, which makes it faster to replace the abrasive. Each time you replace the abrasive, you only need to replace the abrasive cloth, which can save a lot of labor.


④ Work piece sample:


⑤ Product introduction:

1. This machine can match different brand and size consumables, totally solve sanding problems for MDF, Solid wood, density wood, is used for sanding for white ,sealer, uv coating wood.

2. The working principle of the special-shaped sanding machine simulates manual grinding, and uses the functions of various components of reciprocating machinery to specifically sanding various special-shaped parts. The sanding effect can not completely replace manual grinding, but can reduce the amount of labor to a certain extent, solve 70% - 90% of the grinding amount, reduce the amount of labor and improve efficiency.

3. Each sanding unit can realize independent control switch, variable frequency speed regulation and independent automatic lifting function. The whole machine adopts computer PLC control program to realize program memory setting function and one key start function, so as to simplify the operation process.


⑥ Parameters:


(B) Model of Edge Milling Sander: MMZ-S1W3 (4 groups)

① Appearance diagram of equipment product (subject to the actual machine)



② Drawing:


③Process Description: side milling and sanding.

1、The first station: install a 400 type triangle sand holder, which is used for profile sanding on the side plane or arc surface of the workpiece;

2、The position 2, 3 and 4: install 3 multi-functional sand heads to sand and polish the side plane or shape;

3、Each position sanding unit can realize independent control switch and frequency conversion speed regulation, up and down, advance and retreat can be adjusted function, the whole machine adopts computer PLC control program, electric lifting beam, adjustment is fast and convenient.

④Appearance drawing of sand frame components:


⑤ Schematic diagram of multifunctional sand head w components:



⑥ Device Parameters:




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