Do You Know The Characteristics Of Linear Sanding Machine?

  • By:Kaiyuan
  • Date:2021/12/17

Sanding segment an important role in the whole processing of wood products. Nowadays, with the wide use of equipment, woodworking sanding machine have gradually entered furniture enterprises. Today, let's talk about the relevant content of linear sander machine.


Linear sander machine is an efficient wood line surface processing equipment. It is suitable for rough sanding and fine sanding, grinding and polishing of all kinds of solid wood, MDF, veneer and other materials, linear (such as door sideline, door frame, skirting line, shutter, etc.), L-shaped wood line and wood board, regular surface, special-shaped surface, plane and curved surface.



At present, by introducing the latest international wood processing technology and combined with the development of China's woodworking industry, the functions of linear sander machine are becoming more and more rich, such as modular design, multi head independent adjustable sander and so on.



The enterprise can choose the configuration scheme according to different process characteristics, which has wide adaptability and is convenient to be combined into a continuous processing production line during processing and production.



Main function of wood line sanding machine

1. The most important use of the line sander is that when the linear sanding machine is used to produce products, the uneven surface of the product can be eliminated, so as to improve the quality of the product and prepare for the next step.



2. The use of linear sander machine can eliminate the phenomenon of thick edges and reduce the number of thick edges after polishing the line.



3. Using linear sanding machine is a very effective method for sanding, which can help you save a lot of human resources and increase your income.



4. Wood line sanding machine suitable for sanding, grinding and polishing of various complex curved surfaces. It has strong universality. It can be selected and matched with sand heads with different strength according to different materials, such as solid wood, density board, veneer board, primer board polishing, coarse sand and fine sand, so as to meet various process needs and be convenient and "fast."



5. The multi belt coaxial transmission of the linear sanding machine can facilitate speed regulation, make the belt speed more uniform, and achieve high efficiency and high quality in production.





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