Details About Wide Brush Sander-MSC1300-P4A2C3Q1

  • By:KaiYuan
  • Date:2021/11/18

1. Wide brush sander model: MSC1300-P4A2C3Q1


(Machine images)


2. Wide brush sander introduction

1) This wide brush sander machine has automatic feeding system, PLC program memory one key control system and multi-unit sanding head flexibility.Combination, good processing softness, high automatically, can be linked with automatic pipeline, high production efficiency.

2) Wide range of processing, suitable for all kinds of planar, special-shaped surface, curved surface and other board white body, paint can be sand.

Light polishing, such as wooden doors, cabinets, wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, children's beds, floors, bathrooms, etc.

3) MSC is a heavy automatic adjustment function, 1300 mm processing width, A is horizontal sanding, P It is a disc, C is a big roller sand, Q1 is a vacuum cleaner.


3. Wide brush sander configuration introduction


4. Processing template of Wide brush sander


5. Technical parameter of Wide brush sander






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