Brief Introdction of Linear Sanding Machine Model-MMQ JSW8

  • By:KaiYuan
  • Date:2021/09/02

 Linear Sanding Machine, model: MMQ-J4W8

1、Linear sanding machine appearance and process reference drawing :

(Linear sanding machine appearance drawing)


(Linear sanding machine technology configuration drawing)


2、Linear sanding machine technology description:

① This Linear sanding machine has 4 sets of profiling tracking chamfering cutters with power of 0.75KW are equipped in the front section for chamfering, and each cutter from this linear sanding machine is chamfered separately. The four chamfering knives configured by the line sanding machine are used to chamfering the four corners of the processed lines. The linear sanding machine chamfering radian is R1-3 angle. When changing products of different thickness, it is not necessary to change the molding knife, but only to adjust the height of any upper and lower knife to complete the function;           

 ② This Linear sanding machine has 8 groups of polishing heads with oscillating vibration are equipped in the rear section to polish the arc angle of each workpiece.


3、Linear sanding machine component structure drawing :



4、Linear sanding machine functions and parameters :

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