What is particular about the door pocket panel

  • By:Kaiyuan Jingke
  • Date:2021/05/17

The door pocket is one of the three major components of a door, and the door pocket plate is the main body of the door pocket.

If the keel of a door leaf is the spine of a door, the door leaf will not deform;

Then the door panel is the leg bone of a door, so that the door leaf will not fall.

Wooden door enterprises often pay attention to the sanding of door leaves, but ignore the slotting and Sanding Quality of wooden door lines and frames. For home decoration, the door frame and wooden door are a whole, the overall sanding quality effect is also very important!

Brief introduction of sanding solution for door pocket (frame) equipment:

At present, the commonly used slotting and sanding technology of wooden door pocket (frame) is mainly aimed at the characteristics of door pocket size diversity, double end milling of door pocket width and sanding automatic width setting operation.

Door Pocket Milling Slotting Fixed Width Edge Sanding Machine

Process Structure Split Of Door Pocket

KAIYUAN JINGKE door pocket milling slotting fixed width sanding machine can automatically adjust width according to different sizes of door pocket, which can meet your technological requirements!




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