What are the materials of decorative lines?

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  • Date:2021/06/23

Decorative lines in the home play a decorative, convergence, covering and other functions, through simple decoration and change the shape, can make the overall space of the home look brand new, play a beautiful role.

Wood line

Wood line is our common and commonly used material, which is divided into solid wood line, veneer compound line and density board line. The wood line is made of hard wood, fine wood, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non splitting, smooth section, good processing property, good paintability, good coloring property, good adhesion and strong nailing force after drying, machining or manual processing.

1.    Ceiling line: the edge sealing at the junction of different layers of ceiling, the joint sealing of different material surfaces, and the plane line.

2.   Wall line: edge sealing at the junction of different layers of wall surface, edge sealing at the junction of different material surfaces, edge pressing of skirting, edge sealing and decoration of equipment, line pressing of wall finishing materials and wall decoration molding line. Shape, decorative wall, screen closing line, decorative line and all kinds of furniture closing line decoration.

3.  Wooden door line: edge sealing at the junction of different layers of the door, and sealing at the junction of different wood surfaces; Decorative material pressing line, door decoration molding line, etc.

4.    Skirting line wood line: pure wood line structure products, in the home environment has played a pressing edge, decorative role, beautiful skirting line can play the role of convergence space.

5.     Wood line of fixed cabinet furniture: it is composed of cabinet body, cabinet door, hat head and cabinet bottom. Besides cabinet body, a large number of lines will be used. As shown in the figure below, the frame of cabinet door and hat head of cabinet head need to be completed with wood line.

6.    Mobile furniture decorative line: traditional mobile furniture also uses a large number of wood lines, mainly play a decorative role, in cabinets, tables, chairs, beds and other furniture have been used.

The effect of wood line gives people a kind and natural feeling. It is often used in Chinese style decoration. Now more people choose it.

Plaster line

Plaster line, perhaps we will often see in European style, American style, modern style, etc. for example, it can be used in wall, ceiling and other places, because of its fire prevention, moisture-proof, heat preservation, sound insulation and other functions, and many specifications, rich styles, wide range of options, the most important thing is the price is cheap, so it is favored by many people.

Stainless steel line

There are many kinds of stainless steel, we often hear 201, 202, 304, 316 stainless steel, among which 202 and 304 are mostly used in home decoration, and the colors are also rich, such as black, titanium, rose gold, tan and bronze. They appear on the wall or ceiling in the form of edging and pointing, giving people a modern, fashionable and capable feeling.

Stone lines

Stone line: for example, marble line feels luxurious and grand. However, the processing cost of natural stone line is relatively high, and many people may not be willing to accept it. Most of the stone lines are mainly made of artificial marble, which will also have the feeling of natural marble, and the cost is low, so it is easy to be accepted.

PU line

PU line is an upgrade version of gypsum line, with fine appearance details, good texture, not easy to break off, light quality, important and environmental protection, and the price will be much higher than gypsum line.

Other lines

In addition to the above points, other decoration lines are also used, such as carved wood lines, PVC polymer decorative lines, etc.

  1. Carved wood line: also known as carved wood line, it is a high-grade wood line with relief artistic effect carved on high-quality wood by computer engraving machine.

2. Italian style decorative strip: Italian style decorative strip is also called magic color wood flower line. It is mainly used for decoration of wood decoration, plane appearance of wood decoration, boundary and transition decoration between different kinds of wood decoration boards. Commonly used in high-grade wood furniture and high-grade decorative wood wall, column, door leaf, desktop, etc.

The production of decorative lines needs sanding equipment or robot for effective sanding treatment, in order to ensure the subsequent spraying effect. The common practice of some production enterprises is that employees manually control the line pressure on the octagonal sand column for sanding.

Because of the uneven shape of the wood line, it not only increases the difficulty of sanding, but also increases the quality requirements. The efficiency of manual operation is relatively low, and the quality is not guaranteed.

Improving the sanding speed and quality of lines is also an urgent problem for furniture manufacturers. At present, for door line, skirting line and other types of lines, using supporting line sanding equipment is the best choice to solve sanding problems and improve production capacity.   

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Similar to the pattern of carved wood lines, rotary sandblasting machine can be selected ----- 360° all round sanding, easy to handle special-shaped, hollow, groove and other artificial difficult to handle primer workpiece sanding.

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