What are the key points of whole wood customization

  • By:Kaiyuan Jingke
  • Date:2021/04/23

In the past two years, shops with the concept of "whole wood customization" have sprung up all over the major building materials and home furnishing markets. "Whole wood customization" is the major trend of the industry and will also lead the new trend of home life. From the market point of view, many well-known enterprises seize the strategic layout, have joined the ranks of the whole wood customization.

With the integration and upgrading of the home building materials market, the concept of integrated customization has been accepted by many consumers, especially the social elite. Integrated customization has become a fashion and trend. Therefore, integrated customization is very promising.

The whole wood customization, as the name suggests, covers the whole home space. It is different from the whole house customization of panel furniture. The whole wood customization has three hard parts that can not be ignored: wall panel, stairs and wooden door!

Wall Panel

The wall panel can not only make up for the emptiness of the wall, but also improve the visual experience. At the same time, the solid wood wall panel has a strong absorption of ultraviolet and radiation, and the wood can make light scattering, reduce eye fatigue and damage. Because of the characteristics of wood itself, it also has the advantages of reducing noise, promoting sleep quality, and being warm in winter and cool in summer.
Solid wood wall panel has high compressive strength and flexural strength, which is the upgrade product of latex paint. Wear resistance, wear resistance is far better than the common paint and wallpaper, if the family has children is more appropriate. Home TV background, sofa background, restaurant background and bedside background and other areas can well protect the wall, more can hang or paste decorative paintings and warm photos.


Stairs are the connection between the upper and lower floors of the home. For duplex or villa, it is a very important part of the whole home space. Stairs are usually in the living room or lobby of these conspicuous places, highlighting the spirit and quality of the host.

Whether the strength of stairs meets the requirements is very important. Professional on-site inspection is required to ensure that all parts are under pressure to meet the requirements, and all parts are closely connected.

Wooden Door

Wooden door is a very important element in the whole wood customization. The wooden door here not only refers to household door, but also includes doors of other products, such as cabinet door, which is a big concept.

The manufacturing of wooden doors can be divided into frame manufacturing and core plate manufacturing, and then various wooden doors are produced through the process of making up, which involves a lot of details and needs to be strictly controlled by the producers.

With the development of production technology, many enterprises strive to improve production efficiency and quality, reduce labor costs, have adopted accurate and efficient automatic sanding equipment. The use of high-quality sanding equipment can be fast, efficient, high-quality production.  

Linear Sander For Stair Handrail

Edge Milling Sander For Door Core Plate 

Rotary Automatic Sandblasting Machine For Wooden Door

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