To solve the old problem of sanding, sand blasting technology appeared

  • By:Kaiyuan Jingke
  • Date:2021/04/27

As the saying goes, "three materials, seven division of labor", sanding process is an essential link in the processing of solid wood furniture, sanding quality usually determines the final effect and grade of the product.

The growth of people's living standard also brings more demands of the custom furniture of solid wood in recent years. The solid wood furniture with special shape, carving, hollowed out and other elements has been widely used, and it also increases the pressure for the sanding technology of enterprise products. The problems of high cost and low efficiency of traditional sanding process are gradually highlighted, and the sanding process of solid wood furniture should be developed.

What are the advantages of sandblasting?

1. Quality of sandblasting

Different from the traditional sanding method, sandblasting usually means to spray abrasive particles by releasing compressed air, so that the abrasive particles can be evenly sprayed on the surface of the workpiece to achieve the effect of sanding and sanding. The use of machinery and equipment spraying abrasive, the grinding process will be more controllable, sanding effect is more comprehensive, uniform and meticulous.

Abrasive for sand blasting and sanding

1) Traditional sanding process

Traditional sanding technology and equipment are widely used in the treatment of base materials and flat furniture. Most of them cannot be separated from manual operation. For solid wood furniture with special shape or carved flowers, its grinding will be time-consuming and laborious. The most advanced special-shaped sander can only handle about 70% of the coverage, and it needs manual post-treatment.

Traditional sanding section based on manpower

The traditional sanding process has a high degree of manual participation. In the long run, it is easy to have problems in the processing details, such as the uneven strength of sanding wood door primer and serious sand marks when breaking the film.

Traditional sanding easy to appear edge piercing (left) and oil dripping (right)

2) Sandblasting quality

The gas pressure and speed can be controlled in sandblasting. The rotary sandblasting equipment contains multiple sandblasting heads to complete 360 degree machining, which has higher machining efficiency and wider application range.

Comparison between before (left) and after (right) sandblasting

Sand blasting equipment is mainly used to solve the technical problem of sanding various workpieces, such as primer sanding, uniform sanding of irregular workpieces with different heights, easy sanding of workpieces such as groove, hollowing out and carving.

Comparison between before (left) and after (right) sandblasting

2. Cost advantage of sandblasting

Difference: comprehensive data statistics show that sandblasting machine capacity increased 5 times, can reduce labor 36 people!

3. Efficiency of sandblasting

1) Reduce labor intensity

According to the follow-up visit to the using enterprises, the sandblasting machine effectively alleviates the high intensity of artificial sanding. For traditional sanding, especially for special-shaped workpieces, it is mainly through manual grinding. Under the high-intensity operation, the manual efficiency gradually decreases, and the daily completion is also limited.

With the participation of the sandblasting machine, most of the work is done by the machine. Workers only need to operate the machine and finish the finishing treatment after lightweight.

2) Convenient and intelligent management

For the traditional sanding mode with large manual occupation, there are many problems in the level of workers' proficiency, labor status and management mode. Automatic sand blasting equipment can be connected to enterprise information management system to facilitate management. After training, workers can master their operation mode, and the safety control system of equipment greatly improves the safety of processing process.

Sandblasting machine

4Environmental protection

Sandblasting machine can achieve dust-free grinding, improve the indoor working environment, avoid the traditional dust problem, more environmental protection and health.

5. Processing technology

Sanding of primer is particularly important. Problems such as particles, oil flow and orange peel usually appear in the primer process. The more problems, the longer the manual maintenance time in the later stage. If the primer is not handled properly, it will also add difficulties to the topcoat treatment. In addition, according to the needs of enterprises, there are strict requirements for the primer process, and the proportion of manual enterprises, the use of sandblasting machine is undoubtedly an effective means to alleviate the pressure of production capacity and improve production efficiency.

High efficiency and full-automatic grinding without dead angle makes it easier to deal with difficult parts such as grooves, saving labor and improving grinding efficiency.





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