From ancient times to the present, the important position of wood line in furniture design

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  • Date:2021/06/01

Many furniture products contain the use of wood lines. In a sense, all kinds of furniture products are composed of boards, frames and lines. In the traditional furniture design, there are many lines, simultaneous interpreting the beauty of furniture.

Ming and Qing traditional dynasties furniture · wood line · formal beauty

The ancients said "the sky is round and the place is round", which contains the spirit of people at that time. The sky is all inclusive and the earth is solid and broad. And this spirit can be well reflected in the lines of Ming and Qing Dynasty furniture.

Take the Ming and Qing Dynasty armchair as an example, give full play to the charm of lines. The arc curve of the chair ring to the straight line of the chair surface, a soft and a hard, a round and a square, both rigid and soft, neither weak nor rigid.

The circle back is connected with the armrest, showing a semicircle, tilting down from high to low. The radian of the lines is smooth and smooth, without dead angle. The lines of the left and right stick are curved inward, adding rhythmic beauty to it.

The back back panel presents an "S" curve, which follows the ergonomics and fits the human spine more closely. The curve of the line is quite scientific.

The surface of the chair is flat and smooth. The legs of the chair seem to be straight. In fact, they all have a certain radian outward. In this way, the bearing capacity of the chair is better and more durable.

Traditional Japanese furniture · wood line · structural beauty

Japanese furniture style mainly emphasizes the clear color, simple modeling lines, home style stresses "Buddhist mood". Japanese furniture modeling concise atmosphere, there is no so-called cumbersome decoration, mainly in line, line design is not strong.

For example, senbon lattice is a kind of sliding door similar to ancient Chinese screen. It is composed of long lines with small spacing, horizontal and vertical. The lines are dense and not messy. It is usually used to separate two spaces.

Traditional European style furniture · wood line · patterns

The traditional European style furniture is mainly the furniture of Rococo period. The curling and slender line art as decoration enters the European style furniture. The use of beautiful curves, ingenious carving decoration and elegant embroidery technology opens a new era of traditional European style furniture.

Taking the buttercup pattern as an example, many artists take the buttercup vine as a link and interlace it in the form of lines, which are often used in furniture modeling. It appears in the form of relief and forms decorative patterns with vivid lines, giving it rhythmic beauty.

A few strokes of line elements play an important role in the structure and modeling of many traditional furniture. Wood lines also play an important role in modern furniture design. As an important decorative part, the variety of lines and the great change of lines endow all kinds of products with wonderful charm.

1. Cornice decorative lines

2. Ceiling decoration line

3. Decorative line of wooden door

4. Door and window pressing line

High quality wood line plays an important role in the appearance of products. The sanding quality of wood line is the key to the decoration effect, which needs to meet the requirements of smooth, smooth, no burr. If you want to make beautiful lines, you need professional sanding equipment. Using line sanding equipment can produce wood line quickly, efficiently and with high quality:

1. One machine multi-purpose: automatic feeding system, multi unit sand head can be flexibly combined; Wide range of processing, can be applied to a variety of special-shaped surface sanding.

KAIYUANJINGKEs India customer factory wood line sander production line video

2. Perfect function: realize fast and uniform line sanding, long and short material is not a problem. The combination of multi head, multi-function and various grinding materials can finish the fine sanding of all angles of the line at one time.

KAIYUANJINGKE wood line sander video of wooden bed roller coating

3. Fast and efficient: good flexibility and high automaticity; Sand polishing has high precision, integrated molding, reduced artificial intervention and greatly improved production efficiency.

Video of special-shaped wood line sander of KAIYUAN JINGKE

Wood line is widely used in household products. Wood line sanding is an essential part of line production. Efficient and high-quality production plays an important role in reducing costs and improving production capacity. If you want to know more about sanding technology and equipment, please feel free to contact us.




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